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The Benefits of Homeschooling

ImageI’ve given you an introduction to homeschooling and listed exactly how you should go about doing it but just in case you still need some more convincing, here is a list of some of the key advantages you gain in the process.

  • One-on-One attention – Every child should get the attention they deserve. Without the distraction and stress of getting lost amidst the pressure of attending to 20 other students in the classroom simultaneously, you will recognise that it is far easier to zoom in on a child’s strengths and weaknesses and exactly how to stimulate them.
  • Working at your own pace – It can be very frustrating for a child to constantly speed up or slow down according to the pace of his classmates. Homeschooling eliminates this problem entirely. Your child determines his or her own learning rate and is therefore allowed to understand a topic comprehensively before moving on to another.


  • Working on your own time – You have the privilege of creating and working around your own schedule as opposed to following rigid schedules implemented by standard schooling. No more hustling, no more deadlines.
  • A stimulating environment – As stated in the previous blog post, it is absolutely mandatory that you designate a work area where the student will be homeschooled and how you design it is completely at your discretion. Nowhere is more comfortable than your home. DID YOU KNOW: A stimulating environment for a child can make the difference between a 25% greater ability to learn or 25% less in an environment with little stimulation. Below is a picture of mine.


  • Creating your own curriculum/syllabus – Along with the mainstream subjects, parents are fitted with the option of teaching their child what they want to teach them, Hebrew for instance, which would not normally be offered at a standard school.
  • Personal Freedom – Your child is allowed to get a feel of what he or she prefers or dislikes without having to conform to the daily negative aspects of standard schooling like bullying and peer pressure.
  • Bonding – As a parent homeschooling your child, you have the opportunity to bond with them on an educational level. You spend a lot more time with them, you nurture their academic capacity firsthand, you are there for them every step of the way.


  • No Homework – After having spent an average seven hours at school, students are usually burdened with an extra two hours of agonising home-assignments. With homeschooling, they’re already home.
  • Guided Socialisation – One of the main misconceptions about homeschooling is that the child will have little to no socialisation. This is not true. While homeschooled students are not afforded the regular social impact of standard schooling, they can still be socialised through other avenues, particularly extra-curricular activities in the arts and sports.


“All men who have turned out worth anything, have had the chief hand in their own education” – Sir Walter Scott

The list goes on and on.

With all that being said, I want to reiterate that the decision to homeschool is not an arbitrary one. It is going to challenge all levels of responsibility and dependence. Should you decide to venture into the world of homeschooling, be sure and be firm in your decision.

Allow yourself and your child the time to organically adjust. Do not give up if the road becomes a little rocky. Show your child that you believe in him or her and the goals that you’ve set out to achieve.

I am here to lend support no matter what. Reach out to me at tutorowls.tt@gmail.com and I will help in any way that I can.

For the parents that are on the fence, we offer a FREE demo for you to test the waters before you make an informed decision.

And above all else, remember to always have fun!